AWS Connect Call Center Deployment Check List

Why Consider AWS Connect?

Considering the build out of an AWS Connect Call Center? You should be! This cloud based, self service solution has significant competitive advantages over the existing mountain of virtual call center providers. Some of these advantages are clear an unambiguous:

How to Deploy AWS Connect

Though the simplicity of bring up a base AWS Connect instance is very attractive, unless you are both a Call Center Engineer and an AWS Solutions Architect with a real understanding of the AWS IaaS philosophy you are going to need additional expertise. Call Flow is one set of issues! Implementing VoIP, Lex, Polly, DynamoDB and Lambda data dips is an significantly different set of deployment characteristics that will require a more experienced and diverse deployment team. Think through the following check list and stake holder participants:



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On demand TAC for VoIP based Call Centers with a core competency in CISCO UCCX/UCCE, AWS Connect and the Custom Agent Dashboard for AWS known as Dextr.Cloud